navigating rocky waters

An Ounce of Prevention

. . . is worth a pound of cure.  We’ve all heard it a thousand times.  Timeworn phrase though it is, the principle behind it is nonetheless true for California employers when it comes to safely navigating the rocks and shoals of California’s employment and wage/hour laws.

Our state’s comprehensive and often bewilderingly complex approach to regulating the employment relationship creates many trap doors for unwary employers, who can find themselves facing expensive and distracting legal disputes simply by having been unaware of legal requirements—even when trying to do the right thing and treat their employees fairly.

KBY’s “Preventive Employment Law” practice focuses on reducing our clients’ risk profile by narrowing the information gap often faced in making decisions about employment or wage/hour matters.  Through services such as counseling on employee separations, reductions in force, medical leave or disability accommodation issues, development or review of employment and wage/hour policies, or management training on employment law compliance, KBY provides clients with the “ounce of prevention” that takes some of the risk out of being a 21st century employer in the Golden State.

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